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Dear Leon,


Great Attitude:

Best place for palisade fencing.


From the beginning we have had an incredible experience with Leon and his team. Leon takes pride in his work and sorts out any issues (which inevitably do happen with home improvement) without looking for shortcuts or excuses. He takes responsibility immediately when anything isn't 100% and is quick to find solutions.

Yes, maybe other places can may do it for a couple of rands cheaper, but I'd rather work with an honest and reliable persons like Leon and his team.

If you need palisade fencing done, then Makarios fencing is the place to contact without a doubt.



Wayne Groenewald




Dear Leon,


Just a short letter to thank you for your excellent service.


Earlier this year we decided that we needed to secure our property in Paarl. Numerous palisade fencing firms were contacted in order to secure quotes. Your response was prompt, professional and your inputs with respect to the best way to secure our property appreciated. The installation involved 62 running metres of palisade fencing on a corner stand, a remote pedestrian gate and a motorised sliding gate. The task was complicated by the fact that the old fencing and foilage had to be removed by your team prior to installation of the new palisade fencing. Installation took place within the agreed time frame and the final result did not disappoint.


Your product is an effective barrier to entry, whilst at the same time adding value to my property.




Arthur Worsley



Dear Leon,

Moving down from Gauteng, the first thing I noticed at my new house was the lack of security and fencing in particular.  With safety being critical for us, we needed fencing done as soon as we moved in. I prefer referrals from people I know and your company was recommended to me when I started enquiring. I found the consultation and quoting process fast, friendly and bespoke to my needs.

After manufacturing, it only took a couple of days to complete the job and the quality of your teams workmanship was very good. I was impressed.

Thank you for a job well done by you and your team and the professional way you went about it from start to finish, keeping me informed throughout.

I will happily refer more people to make use of Makarios Fencing for quality and service backed by integrity.

Keep it up.

G. Swanepoel

I recently had a safety fence and electric gate installed by Makarios Fencing.


The decision of choosing the most appropriate service provider was quite a task.  In the end, I based it on the following.

  1.  Reliability of the company and ethical standards of the owner.  Leon is a well known member of the local business community.  This made this part of my decision quite easy.
  2. Quality of the product.  After viewing several similar products, I was comfortable that I was buying a product of a high standard.
  3. Affordability.  This was my last part of the decision making process, since I believe that you get what you pay for.  I was happy that the price was market related and reasonable.

My property offered some unique challenges due to the slope where the fence was being erected.  This was handled in a professional way, providing us with a satisfactory solution.  We were quite happy with the overall product and process and would recommend the services of Makarios Fencing to anyone who is in the market for a similar product.


Your sincerely


Johan Bezuidenhout