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Please contact Leon Grobler at 084-610 1739,

Makarios Fencing is primarily based on excellent service delivery

For your benefit, we have contracted an independent company to verify our service delivery and ethical conduct. 

Add to this, our vast industry and product knowledge, plus lots of energy and you have a market beating performance!

Official Installer:

Makarios Fencing is the official installer of Palisade World 

Please visit Palisade world at

High Quality and Service Levels:

Makarios Fencing assures high service levels at all times. 

We believe that you as a customer are the most important stakeholder in our organization and we strive to deliver true value to you. 

 We achieve this by delivering excellent products, together with the best installers in the business. 


Our goal is to assure that your products are of highest quality, as well as installed correctly, to assure long term durability.


Our service quality and ethical conduct is independently monitored by ServiceOnTrack.

We are committed to giving you the best customer service. 

In the event that you are not completely satisfied with our service, click on their logo to register your concern with this independent regulator.

Ethical Conduct:

We believe that we charge a fair price for high quality services delivered. 

All our business deals are conducted in the highest ethical manner. 

Our company has been registered with Unashamedly Ethical.